March 16, 2012

Book on Fire reviews

Couple nice reviews from Reading Envy and Beyond the Stacks:

Reading Envy

A book thief lands in a fantastical version of the legendary Alexandria to steal from his ultimate library, and falls in love with a librarian working there. I’m not sure if the author loves libraries or librarians more, considering that his previous book, The Book of Flying, was along similar lines, but I have to admit it works for me. I almost feel embarrassed to say how much I enjoyed reading this book, but I can’t really explain why. I was already enamored with Alexandria after reading the Durrell quartet, and this made it so much worse! 

The writing is very descriptive, and I’m tempted to say overly so, except I don’t feel it is. Most of the time if I pick up a book that spends half its time describing smells and food, it reads like filler, but here it serves to place the reader into his vision of Alexandria. I found myself drawn in and living in the world as I read, which doesn’t happen often as an adult. (I also ended up hungry!) 

There are elements of the writing and of the storytelling that are the same elements I love in Catherynne Valente’s writing, and anyone knows me knows that is high praise indeed. After reading a little more about the author himself, I feel like you can see glimpses of his real life experiences tucked into this book, as far from reality as it seems. 

Beyond the Stacks

There is a book out there for everyone. A book that speaks to your very soul, that can make you weep in utter heartache and cry tears of joy and amusement. For me, this is the book. This is my book. I found myself reading slower, rereading passages again and again, just to savor every last morsel from this exquisite feast of the imagination.

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